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Lavender/sage mix

Lavender/sage mix


Praire Magic Smudge Stick is created by myself with intention from locally found items including:

Patchouli Essential Oil - Earth Element, great for grounding, also used for magickal protection, purification, and banishing

Lavendar Essential Oil - Relaxes the mind, body and soul, and reduces anxiety

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Heightens awareness and purifies the mind. Very beneficial for the third eye

Pasture Sage - Slears Negative and Unwanted Energies

Black Eyed Susans - Protection, cleansing and releasing. Also great for grounding and mediumship

Nodding Thistle - Raises spiritual vibration, and protection. Also draws in money and encourages self-esteem

Lavendar - Great for Clarity, Connection, Divine Alignment and Stress Relief

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