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Reiki Treatment

Shaman Healing Session

90 Minutes   |   $105 GST included

Creates balance + alignment through channeling  spirit, releasing and transmuting unwanted, stagnant energies. Complimented with crystals,  singing bowls and metaphysical tools which  assist  this powerful session beautifully.

Healing Touch Therapy_1

Reiki Healing Session

90 Minutes   | $105 GST included

clears negative energies  

While creating balance and alignment in ones world...

Holding Hands

Reiki Healing Session

30 Minutes   |   $65 GST included

clear negative energies + 

balance chakras


Children's Reiki Healing Session

90 Minutes   |   $105 GST included

I work with children of all ages to assist with relaxation, anxiety, behavior issues, and confidence. We will clear negative energies + 

balance and align their chakras. If your child has been given a label from the DR such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, ODD or whatever other label they have been given I strongly believe they are gifted and would LOVE to work with them and draw their gifts out. 


Distance Healing Session

$95 GST included

Distance Healing Session are ideal for those who are unable to come to my  studio, or would benefit from healing in their own sacred space. Each session comes with a card pull and the use of specifically chosen crystals based on your needs.


Access Bars

60 Minutes   |   $105 GST included

gently touching 32 access points in and around the head releasing all energies that don't allow you to receive life with ease. completed in the comfort of my studio


Energetic Face Lift

60 Minutes   |   $105 GST included

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Group Healing Session

$25 each plus GST

Groups can be 2-20 people. Please contact to set up an event. 

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